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biznik encompasses the consulting and professional activities of George Perfect. After a career spent around the globe I am now based near Bordeaux in SW France.

I am a serial entrepreneur who over 40 years has founded, run and grown to success several high-technology businesses. I have performed consulting and advisory roles within the boardrooms of major UK banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions as well as a wide range of commercial, manufacturing and distribution businesses in the UK, Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia. I bring the same breadth of knowledge, experience, creativity and enthusiasm to organisations regardless of their size, whether multi-nationals, startup businesses or charitable organisations.

Having survived a series of strokes I find myself dependent on a powered wheelchair for mobility. This, quite sudden, change of life has deepened my concern for and interest in people living with disabilities, the problems they face and the failure of technology in general to meet their needs or assist their lives as it so easily could.

I am

I am proud to have given many years of voluntary service including

  • being a Business Mentor with the Prince's Trust, supporting young people taking their first steps into business,

  • and have acted as Branch Secretary within the Alzheimer's Society.

Operating on the global stage from the outset, I have "done business" throughout much of Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia and Africa building a network of contacts and friends in all those places.

Until 2003, I was Managing Director of the Byline Group - a software and computer systems business I founded in 1987 that grew to become the principal provider of specialist investment and accounting systems to owners of very large property portfolios. The company also provided ERP systems of its own design to manufacturing and distribution companies. Byline was based in the UK with a wholly owned subsidiary in Sydney, Australia.

An earlier company, Derwent Data Systems (DDS) was founded in 1980 and went on to develop the AlphaControl accounting software and the Retrieve database package. A desire to test the 'natural language' capabilities of Retrieve took me to Japan where the software was quickly shown to work - in Japanese. The software package ChitChat that I designed and developed proved to be the pivotal product that popularised and made practical public email services in the UK and Europe.

After selling DDS to the Sage Group in 1983, I started another business in partnership with Japan's largest software company, SMC for which I successfully developed the world's first Kanji (Japanese script / alphabet) windowed operating system for PCs. Research into voice recognition software for IBM and Texas Instruments followed.

I keep up to date with new technological developments, runs several web sites and remain actively involved in developing new software.

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Other business interests

  • LGCA Ltd - Providing leadership and ICT consulting services to schools

  • The Primary Channel - Digital media broadcasting with VLE platform for primary / elementary schools

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