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Technology due diligence

Is this a great idea or what?

No - not this article ... the new invention/process/business idea that you want to pursue.

Today's great idea can so easily become tomorrow's has-been. Or - with hard work and diligence it might become the next mobile phone industry or Google.

But how do you sort wheat from chaff?

Of course, there's no guaranteed answer but asking and answering these questions is a good start:

  • Does the required technology exist now or must it be developed?
  • Can the IP (intellectual property) behind the idea be protected?
  • Can it be manufactured, distributed and sold profitably?
  • How difficult will it be for others to replicate? (It's not always best to keep a good idea too close to your chest - if there were only one mobile phone manufacturer the industry could not have taken off so rapidly)
  • Can the technology be licensed - in or out?
  • Just how new or revolutionary is this idea? Can people be persuaded to buy into it?
  • How "technology proof" is it? Are you sure there's not a better mousetrap about to be revealed?

With more than 30 years experience in design, development and exploitation of technology based products and services, we know the questions to ask and how and where to find the answers.

We act for R&D departments, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors and our services include:

  • Quick report: using background knowledge of technology developments we provide a brief, initial opinion on the likelihood of commercial success.
  • Technology review: We identify competing or conflicting ideas, products, patents etc. Just as important, we advise on how the new product or service is likely to fit with existing and potential technologies, products or processes in the same or similar arena.
  • Commercial review: From initial market research through to a deep analysis of funding/licensing/manufacturing/marketing/distribution of your product or idea.
  • Funding: Help for entrepreneurs in identifying sources of funds along with practical assistance and advice in obtaining the funds necessary to pursue your idea.

All work is performed subject to a binding confidentiality agreement.

An initial consultation is free and carries no obligations. Contact us today for a friendly, informal chat or to arrange a meeting.

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